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Black Code


9am- 3:30pm


June 5th- July 21st

Black Lemonade developed a program called Black Code that is set to be executed in June of 2023. Black Code targets our minority and underserved high school students and is designed to empower and prepare youth to enter the workforce by attaining knowledge and skills from a coding expert in the area of Coding, Game Design, Photography, 3D Design, Digital Music, and more. The latter part of our program engages students with community organizations, mentors, and leaders to find a way to "de-code" the criminal justice system, while incorporating social and emotional learning, to better understand its inception and benefits. They will further utilize their coding skills as a marketing tool to educate the community on their stance as it relates to the criminal justice system.

The purpose of this program is to introduce and prepare justice-involved youth and young adults for the world of work through placement into paid work experiences, and on a path to more equitable career opportunities with their peers. In addition to paid work experiences, the program encompasses occupational education and training in in-demand industries, leadership development, and a mentorship component. We further want to focus on youth and young adults most impacted by community violence in order to advance equity, particularly in areas of concentrated crime and poverty as well as communities that have recently experienced significant unrest.

Applications open on February 1st

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